Safety Measures in Earning Money Being A Cam Girl

In this post, I am going to talk about safety measures that need to be spelled out, just to be sure that all basic things are covered. Now, as I said in previous posts, there are no 100% secure measures to fully protect you anonimity on the internet when earning money as a webcam girl onlineHowever, there are measures which you can and you should take. If you are running Skype shows the safety shows are different, but these it will be covered in more detailed in later posts where I will talk only about Skype related issues and tips.

Safety Measures When Running On A Cam Site

When you are running on a public website, more are the safety measures related stuff are being covered by the site, but there are a couple of extra things you can do to make things even more secure. First of all is blocking locations. For example I would not like to go on the street and someone say to me “Hey I know you from the internet“. So, personally I block where I live. You can block a city, a province or a state or a whole country. I never tried to block an entire continent, but I am sure this can be also done. This is a common option among websites and you should make use of it. One other thing is about the username you pick for yourself. use something that is not related to you in any way, don’t use names that you used at any time as your email or anything that has to do with you. Use a fake name when presenting yourself and also use a fake location, unless you live in a really big city. On one site that I am working on they have an option where you can choose if you want for them to use your content to promote their website. You would not want to click yes on this one if you care about your privacy.

In future posts on how to become and earn money as a cam model we will be talking about creating you character ( or your persona ), outfits, wardrobe, about an aesthetically friendly environment and maybe some surprises as well.

How To Be A Successful Webcam Girl – From The First Day

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successful webcam girl

In the adult streaming industry there are lots of different things to consider when we speak about how successful a cam girl can become. Things may bea easy at first, but as we will move along they will get more and more complicated and without persuasion and practice they will not be easy to achieve. Since you are here on this page, I am sure you are curious how a cam girl makes money and what it takes to be a successful webcam girl.

First of All

Not everybody can do this type of job, you need to think in advance abut it, if you really want to do it or not, some may be good for it, but not everybody can actually do it. This area it is really exploited in our times and very popular. With all its popularity, most of the people do not agree with it and even more are against it. Since a lot pornography is involved in this type of job, how to be a webcam girl takes more than it look at first.

It is recommended to think about it even before you create an account on one of the websites. There is no other way around doing it without sexual acts on camera for the clients. Some people decide to do it because they are in a difficult financial status. When people are doing things just for financial reason it may end up being bad for their health. It is more or less an interior issue whereby you need to find the right words that work for yourself and to be acceptable by you to work in this kind of industry. The worst of all that can affect this job is a long term problem. This means that all you do on the internet related to adult webcams will, most likely stay on internet forever.

You will not do wrong if you picture yourself in the situation where a relative or a good friend of yours sees you working for an adult site. You need to be prepared to handle these kind of situations, to think about what you could say to them. This will help you mentally and will give you the trust you need to move on further. Even is this is slightly possible to happen it helps in the process. To give you even more confidence, most of these type of websites have the option to block the countries that you want to block.

Balance the things and visualize yourself in various situations before you fully decide if you still want to go on the journey on how to be a webcam girl.

If it still looks right to you after this, then I guess you can go on and earn the money without any problems.

Research Research and… Research

The first step was more about the things within you, now you need to promote yourself. The best way is by using the websites that earn money from webcam girls. You can not imagine how many sites are there where you can promote yourself, some don’t worth the time, while others are better. Each site is different in its own way. You can’t just go on the first site you hear about and create an account. What some people usually ignore to do and it is one of the biggest mistakes, they simply do not pay any attention to their rules. Don’t make the mistake to not read a websites rules and regulations. This will aid you in many different ways in your journey how to become a webcam girl. For example some sites may not allow to do free public shows and you may get easily banned from the website and never being able to create an account again. This can harm your reputation on any other sites as well, visitors don’t usually visit only one website.

After you read their rules and you have a good impression if you are ok or not with them, you will have to look for the money the pay. To go even further and probably the most important criteria is how much visitors the site has. To gain even more knowledge about the site and to make even a more wide impression about it, you can go on their public rooms and take a peak around there to see how things are going. If you doing research on multiple websites you will forget the information that you collect. I advise you to right down everything that you find out about each site to make things easier when you draw the line and decide on which website you want to work.

For example when I first started I just went and create accounts on most of them and did the research right from the core to make my own impression about all of them and not just read positive and negative  ratings around the web.

Reflect And Research Got It ?

As a small recap here are the most important things before you deice to work as a cam girl: Reflect on the thought that you are sure you want to to this. How to become a webcam girl is not as easy as it may look like as we shall see in the later posts. And.. the second most important thing is to do a lot of research about the websites before you start making money and giving them money.

How To Be A Successful Webcam Girl – Part Two

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Like in any other job that you want to do it by your own, you need to have some starting tools to be able to even start. There are three main things that you need to have a good start if you want to have a chance and become a successful cam girl.

Video Quality – Camera

I will also try to cover the safety part of this job, never wants to have health problems no matter how much money they make in the process. You may already have one, but it may be equal to nothing. I saw people broadcasting using their camera that comes with the laptop. There is nothing more repulsive to the client than a poor quality of the image. The main reason for which they are on the site is to get a clear view on a nice girl. It may get you through a full show, but do not be surprised to never see a client for the second time.

Video Quality – Speed

The second thing you will need to make your customer come for the second time is the speed of the broadcast. No one will pay again for a show where they see pictures instead of a video. You need for this a good internet connection. When choosing the internet connection you may want to focus only on the upload power of the service. When I started first time I had the worst video quality and I received my first rating. As you can already tell I did not receive the best rating, it was actually the worst rating possible. Of course I god paid eventually, but I sure lost one potential client and this is what we look for in this industry. Happy clients that will come for a second show.

Video Quality – The Computer

These days, most of the computers that you can buy perform well for this kind of job. But you will want to do some research on what will do the job without any concerns. I am not a computer geek so I can not give precise information about this.

The most important things are that you do not want to use the integrated webcam on your laptop for broadcasting your work. Even if your laptop has a good quality camera I do not recommend to use it because you may need to move it at the client’s request and it is awkward to move the entire laptop along with it.

If you can afford it there is one more thing from this category that could help you a lot in some moments. Having an small power generator for your computer may get you out of trouble. You will need this in the case your power turns off and you need an extra couple of minutes to tell to the client what happened and why you can not go on with the show.

Leaving the show in the middle of the performance and most likely the client will consider you a bitch for leaving on purpose.

How To Be A Successful Webcam Girl – Part Three – Safety

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To cover what I have started in the previous post we will discuss now about safety in being a successful webcam girl. After this post I hope that all the the basic things you need to know for starting work in this industry are known. As I already mentioned, the chances your content is one hundred percent safe and secure are low. Despite that you can take some measures to increase a little the bar, but even after that you are still not secured by all means.

Most of the websites are taking care of your safety, but you can also take your own measures and take things one step further. What everybody does is blocking locations and IP’s of the country you live on, or of the places you may have friends or relatives. You do not want to be recognized outside by people that saw you on the adult site. One thing that people still ignore to this day is the name that you pick for your persona. It is necessary and recommended by many that you pick anything not related to your real name. And do not think about the names that you liked when you were a little girl. try to pick something simple that sounds professional. You want to be remember and to be found easily only by your name.

I can’t stress you enough how important it is to never reveal any kind of real information to any of your clients. Some of the sites have the feature of promoting yourself using their various methods. It may sound a good idea, but in my opinion this is far from a good option. What they do is to post your profile on various sites or by using web banners and ads to promote you and their site. Be careful with that option and always read the rules and the pop-ups.

Cam4 Token Adder No License Key – Cam4 Token Adder

One of the best things of the world of internet and technology, generally speaking is the fact that we can get things for free using tools created by the ones that work within shadows without doing it for money. Doing things for pleasure and not for money is something that should be done oftenly considering the world we live in. A world where no matter what happens there are money involved. We have found on internet that all programs that are created with the point of helping people by delivering free stuff also come by asking something in exchange so the program will be delivered to the wisher. Most programs of this type have a license key that needs to be payed for. The cam4 token adder no license key it is the program created to show to the creators of hack programs how things are meant to be done.

Why Cam4 ?

Cam4 is a very good site for working models, but unfortunately these kind of sites are taking too much money for just giving the possibility of the performers to take their shows on the hosted website. The things need to be more fair and a program like the cam4 token adder no license key was more than necessary. We choose this specific site because we have friends working there which are trying to make a living and complaining about how much money he would have if the site was not so “expensive”. The performers need to pay taxes, need to buy all kind of stuff to have a quality performance. Not to mention the high energy bills required to run the computer and the proper lights used to have a decent looking show.

Why Is The Cam4 Token Adder No License Key…. Without License Key ?

We need to be clear that we are not a team of beggars, if we ever need money we need them to run the ongoing projects related to programs that deliver free goodies. One of the best tools created by us it is definitely the why is the cam4 token adder no license key. The program has a very simple interface and it may be confusing. Usually, these kind of tools requires a lots of things to do before you can make them work. We did our best to make things a little better than the last time and this is how the program was born.

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Chaturbate Token Generator Free Download Without Survey ?

Lately, more and more downloadable goodies have the survey spam protection kind of thing. We understand that this is a protection for the program being overused, but what are people doing wrong is they implement the survey from the first day of the release. Our chaturbate token generator free download without survey is the response against this type of idea, the idea of releasing for free what in fact has an annoying survey over the download link. This is a big mistake made by the producers of the program. We are not completely against it, but they should not add the survey from the very first day of its release.

Our chaturbate token generator free download is without survey and it will stay like this for a long time, we promise to keep it completely free until the limit of 5.000 downloads has been reached. After that point we will implement own own safety measures to keep it less abused by users. What the people are doing is trying to make sme money by adding the survey. When a users enter his email the hack developer will receive a small amount to carry on with their work and to deliver more hacks. The problem is the balance of quality – price, it is not the best one and I am sure that they could create a more reliable program and not one that keeps failing in delivering what it should deliver for free. We encountered lots of programs which despite they had the survey barrier they did not work after we downloaded them.

How Good Is This Chaturbate Token Generator Free Download Without Survey

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How To Become A Cam Girl – Identity – Persona

I will be covering in this text four main point on how to become a cam girl. We are going to be looking at online persona your wardrobe, your environment and… I will also going to touch a bit the subject of sex toys. Note that these are the things that work well for my persona and it should be treated as a factor of inspiration and not as a success formula. These things varies a lot from performer to performer and nobody can give you an absolute answer on what is going to work best for you, but hopefully I can give you some ideas and inspiration to help you figure it out for yourself.

In the camming industry it is not hard to come across a wide variety of performers. As a performer, you need to know what your strengths are and use them to your advantage. You wanna play them up and find your niche. I heard so many people talking about going into the industry and how excited they are how they are gonna sit there and people are just going to throw in money. It may happen in some cases, but it’s not at all an accurate description of how to be a successful cam girl really works. You really have to stand out, you need to give the viewers a reason to see you over the next person. When it comes my personal online personality I don’t really portray a character. I guess you could say that I tend to show certain aspects of myself that I feel are beneficial for what I do. As far as my appearance goes I always have an appreciation for the more alternative style of things so I tend to play a lot with them. I dye my hair I have an expanded wardrobe I wear different make-ups. My style definitely does not appeal to everyone, but that is perfectly fine. I found my niche and I made it work for me.


Other types of characters that you may take a look

One thing that is pretty common in the cam girl industry is the college girl type of character and outfit. Other are MILF’s, girls next door, submissive sluts or other people just focus on like: I’m a blonde or I’m a brunette or whatever or I like tattoos. These possibilities are endless and there are just to give you an idea.

For example, when it comes to personal characters, I don’ really like to take on a character unless is specifically requested. For example as much as I love my naughty school girl skirt and dressing up to play the part ( 😀 ), I would never wear that for a full shift online if you could say like so. I do not want to give the impression that is the only kind of show I do. I would rather wear something more neutral or something more general and do my best to make it clear that I am willing to make it clear that I am willing to take on other characters based on what people wanna see. This way I keep myself open to a wide variety of clients, because if you are offering one very specific things chances are other people may pass you for something else if they don’t think you can offer what they looking for.

As far as being an actual showgirl goes I’ve had a huge amounts of complaints from a lot of viewers about the way that other performers go about this one very important thing, which is how you start. A lot of girls tend to jump into auto pilot, as soon as the guy comes in they start moving sexy and that, taking their clothes off etc. Well, that is all fine and dandy, but not every one is there for that particular reason. Some people would rather be dominated or how do you tell them a dirty story or show them your feet. So when you are on auto pilot, not only it is less personal because you are not even wait to hear what they want before you start trying to give it to them. It gives the impression that you are a one track performer, that you can only offer one thing and that you are not what they are looking for.

What to do at the beginning of a show

What I like to do at the beginning of a show is simply saying hello, ask what they are doing and simply ask them what they are in the mood for because not all my viewers are the same. I can’t stress you enough about you character type. It has to come from your desires and preferences, your interests, your comfort level. We are all different and it’s such a personal and unique choice to make how we portray ourselves on camera. I can give you the inspiration, but you have to make the choices.

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How To Be A Cam Girl Using The Proper Wardrobe

Wardrobe is important in how to become a cam girl for numerous reasons. But as you can already tell, the most obvious one is the sex appeal, you wanna wear something sexy, something that draws them in and makes them want more. In my case, when it comes to wardrobe, I personally like wearing mainly three items of clothing at a time. Most of my outfits tend to consists mostly of stripper bikinis and stuff like bras, panties, or skirtsThe reason for which I choose to wear only three items of clothing rather then say two or one is that when you are doing a striptease you don’t wanna be doing too fast, but you don’t want to frag on forever either. If you are wearing ten things they are going to get bored. So I say that three is good enough to draw the attention and make them not wander why the fuck is taking so long. This is also a matter of comfort ease of removal and ease of putting back on. In between shows you will want to put it back on as fast as possible.

So far what was said about wardrobe was pretty much on a basic level. On topic on what I typically start wearing at the beginning of a day,  I also have a collection of extras. Extras being things that I have no problem putting in on a show, but would not bother going on my way to wear just for the hell of it during my shift. In this category may go naughty nurse, school girl, secretary, cop. These days, basically you can get a sexy outfit out of almost anything you can think of. You don’t want to buy all the possible outfits at once, you might wanna not overwhelm yourself. You can build wardrobe in time.

Typically, what I tend to do, if I start noticing a lot of requests for something specific I just go to pick it up, I am not gonna buy everything I could think of and hope that each of them would be requested. It is good to observe what people want so that you will be prepared next time. The more bigger the collection, more chances to say Yes when a client wants a random outfit like dressing up in a mermaid and save them from a broken boat. ( lol )

We all have our limits, we all have our personal standards that we set for ourselves and being in this industry holding on to your self respect is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. If you decide to do only one type of show you should know that this will bring less business, but it will also make you feel more happy about yourself. Figuring out what kind of shows you’ll do is just like gathering your wardrobe together. It is going to take some time.

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It is Important To Be Honest As A Cam Girl with your clients ?

Being Honest in Cam Girl Encounters With Clients

If someone asks you to do something that you are not against doing, but you don’t feel right for, just say you don’t know enough about the topic, like you don’t feel experienced enough. Honestly I had to do so much research when I first started to do this job because of the request of things I’ve never even heard off. At the time I was honest with them:

It sounds good to me, but I do not want to rip you off, give me time to do research and come back in a couple of days.

This technique will not only bring you more customers by being honest with them about your limitations, while showing that you are willing to do something about them, but it also make thinks easier for you. Instead of trying to pull off an low performance, better not do it at all, so… honesty wins again, even in cam girl industry. It also decreasing the chances of getting back negative ratings, engaging in shows that you don’t have the experience to perform will make people to leave comments and you could lose future potential clients. If you are not sure about something do some research.

 Now, I will give an idea about something that I did not knew about until I god into this industry. That is the small penis humiliation fetish. Yes you just read it! I had no clue what it was until I started to get requests for it. It looks pretty straight forward and I was getting the idea that it is about humiliation for having a small penis. So I did some research first. I wasn’t feeling ready, but I wanted to give it a shot and honesty, now is one of the most common types of shows that I do. The point is that if I would have got into it without doing a proper research, who knows, maybe I would have received bad ratings and possible clients could lose interest in me.

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How About The Environment When It Comes To Web Cam Girls Industry ?

Read the ultimate guide on how to start and be successful in webcam industry

The environment is simple to focus on as long as you got the basics.


Better lighting makes you show up clear. For example I have two lamps one on the left side and one on the right which are balancing the light effect in a natural kind of way. If it’s darker, even with an HD camera you can tend to look a little on the greeny side, so proper lighting also helps with visual clarity.


You don’t need to add all kind of props around your room. As long as it looks neat and organized you are definitely ok. You can add some character to it if you want. Pictures look better than posters. You do not want dirty laundry all over the floor. You just need to make sure that all the things are put well together. Obviously, you can also extend your persona into your environment.

Sex Toys

Last, but not least we have to talk about sex toys. Of course, just like your shows, the toys you own are going to vary from performer to performer based on what it is you’re comfortable doing. So for example I do now own and anal toys because I don’t take it up the ass. As far as bare necessities go, you don’t exactly need an extensive collection. It may come in handy, but I have done just fine with three basic toys. As far as what I do own, I have one dildo, one vibrator and one strap and they work just fine for me. Another very important thing to consider is lube.

Other ideas on toys you can use are, for example if you more on the dominant side you can get whips, paddles. These type can also work if you are on the submissive side. Other things you can use are ropes, masks, chokers, chains, handcuffs.

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